Safest Way to Dye Your Eyebrows a Different Color

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Changing the color of your eyebrows can change your look instantly and bring more attention to your eyes. While it is best to have a beauty professional tint and bleach your brows, you can use a step-by-step process to protect the delicate and easily damaged eye area when using an at-home kit. Whether you are looking to complement a new hair color or give yourself an instant makeover, using expert beauty tips and tricks can help ensure that your eyebrow coloring or bleaching session is safe and goof-proof.

Step 1

Perform a patch test on your skin in case you are allergic to the hair dye and/or bleaching product. Dab the colorant or bleach on your inner forearm or the back of the neck. Leave the product on your skin for two days. If after two days, there is no swelling or redness, you can dye or bleach your brows.

Step 2

Push the hair away from the face with a headband or a scarf. Place rubber gloves on your hands to protect skin.

Step 3

In a small plastic bowl, mix the facial bleach or nonpermanent dyeing kit’s ingredient. Follow the package's instructions.

Step 4

Coat lower and upper eyelids with a dime-size amount of ophthalmic ointment to prevent skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, smooth a pea-size amount of a lightweight barrier cream on brows to protect your skin from staining.

Step 5

Begin with clean and dry brows. Brush the product thickly over each brow completely and evenly. Use the small plastic spatula, brush, mascara spoolie or a wooden spoon from the bleaching or dyeing kit to smooth the chemical on your brow hairs.

Step 6

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for how long to leave the product on your brows. Check the product every two to three minutes to see if the brow hairs have reached the desired color. To prevent injury to your skin or to your brow hairs, do not leave the product on for longer than ten minutes. Leaving the product on for too long can damage your hair and affect the final color.

Step 7

Remove the solution from the brows with a cotton ball. Wash off the residual product with a damp and warm washcloth. Smooth on a pea-size amount of a lightweight moisturizer or facial cream to soothe skin.