Rusk Vs. Chi Flat Iron

Professional flat-iron brands Rusk and Chi offer ceramic technology in their flat irons. If you are looking for a high-quality, professional flat iron, compare these two brands by reading below before making a decision.

Qualities to Look for in a Flat Iron

A quality flat iron will possess features such as an adjustable temperature control. which allows you to adjust the heat setting. Another feature to look for when purchasing a flat iron is ceramic plates. Some flat irons come with ceramic-coated plates, while some come with actual ceramic plates. The difference is that ceramic coating can wear off over time, revealing the metal underneath, whereas actual ceramic plates don’t wear away. Ceramic plates help to distribute heat evenly so there are no hot spots in the flat iron. Professional brands are designed to last a long time with daily use, so they will outlast any other type of flat iron.

Rusk Flat Irons

STR8 Irons are a line of flat irons made by the brand Rusk. The STR8 Iron has CTC technology, which means it is infused with both ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is important when purchasing a flat iron because, according to the Rusk website, ceramic STR8 Irons "create silky, smooth and shiny hair while eliminating static electricity or frizziness." Rusk offers a one-year warranty on their STR8 Irons.

Chi Flat Irons

Chi flat irons, a popular brand among professionals, offer a variety of flat-iron choices including a wet-to-dry flat iron and their original ceramic 1-inch flat iron. Along with both these flat irons, Chi also carries flat irons that come in a range of sizes and different technologies, such as their Nano Ceramic Flat Iron line. Chi flat irons all come with their Chi 44 Ceramic Technology, which makes every flat iron ceramic plated. Chi also offers a one-year warranty on all their styling tools.


Both companies produce professional, high-quality flat irons with ceramic. Chi Flat Irons and Rusk irons both have one-year warranties on their flat irons.


Rusk offers an eco-friendly flat-iron option, which Chi does not. Chi flat irons come in a wider range of sizes and options than the Rusk brand offers. Rusk flat irons tend to be more expensive than most of the Chi models, although the Chi Nano Ceramic and Ceramic Turbo irons are a bit more expensive.