Royal Theme Party Decoration Ideas

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A royal theme party is fitting for many celebrations for both children and adults. A royal theme takes participants to a period of drama and mystique. To make the party a success, channel a time of monarchs and extravagant court life: Dress in medieval costumes, decorate the party venue with royal colors and schemes, and prepare a royal court menu.

Recreate a Royal Hall

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For an adult royal theme party, recreate a medieval dining hall for an elegant and mature theme. Use a chair with arms for the king or queen, and set the entire table with goblets and metal plates. Place antique-style candelabras around the venue. Turn off all electric lights, and let candles light the room.

Use royal colors such as blue, yellow and red to decorate the room. If the party is an adult party, keep the decorations elegant. Instead of inexpensive paper streamers, use velvet bows in royal colors on walls and tied around flower bouquets. For a children's party, line the room with streamers in gold and blue.

Depending on the period you want to recreate, play music of the time. For example, Baroque composers, often invited to royal feasts, include Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel and Antonio Vivaldi. For a medieval setting, play troubadour songs.

Dress in Costume

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Costumes play a significant part in the decorations of a royal theme party. Ask all party participants to dress up in costumes. If you are throwing a birthday or shower for a guest of honor, designate her as the queen of the party and give her a crown. She'll feel appreciated on her special day. Reserve a place for the guest of honor at the head of the table.

If the guest of honor is a little girl, purchase a tiara or medieval hat to make her a princess for her birthday party. Or rent a full princess costume at a local costume store. If the party is for a little boy, purchase or rent a king's or knight's costume.

Plan a Feast

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During the medieval times, dinner was an important part of a party and lasted for hours. Prepare a dinner that recalls a medieval menu. Serve a large roast with the meat of your choice. To make the roast an appealing part of the decor, garnish with herbs, potatoes and fruit. Arrange large servings of fruit, such as grapes and apples, as centerpieces that double as an appetizer. Include generous servings of cheese and dark rye bread. In an adult party, serve red wine or cider in the goblets. For children, substitute the wine with grape or cranberry juice.