What Is a Romantic R&B Song You Can Dedicate to Your Boyfriend?

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Nothing spells love and romance like the smooth grooves and sultry lyrics of rhythm and blues (R&B) music. A study published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" states that music is the foundation of human behaviors, such as dance and romance, and causes us to feel emotion. By dedicating an R&B song to your boyfriend, you are creating an opportunity to reveal amorous feelings of adoration and affection you may have toward him.

Love is Exciting

“Love on Top” is a song performed by singer and entertainer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. The track has an infectious, up-tempo beat mixed with an old school vibe. The song lyrics take the listener on a musical whirlwind as the artist enthusiastically describes how happy she is to be in love with a man that makes her feel important. Dedicate this song to your boyfriend as a note of thanks for always being there to support you and making you a priority in his life.

Love is Steamy

Instead of planning a night out on the town, consider a quiet evening at home with a candlelit dinner and soft music. "Say Yes" by former R&B duo Floetry is a steamy ballad to include on your playlist. Playing this song will help create an atmosphere ripe for romance and intimacy. The lyrics and simplicity of the melody of "Say Yes" will reveal how attracted you are to your boyfriend and that you are ready to take your connection a step further.

Love is Emotional

Although love can be exciting, no relationship is without its own set of challenges. According to Psychology Today, every couple faces conflict that can determine how long the relationship will last. “Love and War,” a song by R&B artist Tamar Braxton, is a testament to the difficulties that may arise in a relationship. She sings about experiencing conflict with her partner while still proclaiming her commitment to their union. If you and your boyfriend find yourselves in a tough place, dedicate “Love and War” to him as a way to say that you won't give up on him even during the hard times.

Love is Timeless

"By Your Side" is a calming, melodious track performed by world-renowned artist Sade. This song celebrates the qualities of a love that is enduring. Sade reassures her mate that she will never leave his side and promises to remain a constant source of support for him. Express the same message of your willingness to stay in your relationship for the long haul with "By Your Side" as a song dedication to the one you love.