Romantic Texts for Your Boyfriend

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Text messages allow you to send loving words and phrases to your partner to keep the spark alive in your romantic relationship, notes psychologist Dr. Mia Rose, with Paying homage to the telegraph, text messages allow users to instantly connect to others if they are without the opportunity to speak to them face-to-face. Sending romantic text messages doesn't have to be challenging if you have guidance on ways to create loving and thoughtful messages.

Text Sweet Nothings

With today’s society being on the constant move, calling your boyfriend to simply say “I love you” or “You’re one of the cutest guys I know” may fall upon deaf ears; especially if he is busy. Text messages allow you the freedom to let your man know you’re thinking about him without tearing either of you away from your daily duties. Sweet nothings such as “Hey cutie, hope you’re having a great day” or “Last night was amazing” will let your boyfriend know you’re thinking about him without being too pushy.

Why You Love Him

It’s no secret that in relationships, insecurities may get the best of you or your boyfriend. Letting your boyfriend know he’s still the one who makes your heart race strengthens your bond and lets him know your feelings aren't waning. Sending a short text message to your boyfriend explaining why you love him may make him smile and think about why he loves you. Have fun with this type of text message. Try sending a funny message to brighten his day. For example, “I love you because your butt looks better in skinny jeans than mine.”

Short Scavenger Hunt

If your boyfriend has the day off from work or if you are going away for the weekend, sending him on a short scavenger hunt will entertain him and make him think of you in your absence. Text message scavenger hunts don’t need to be elaborate, and keep the clues to a maximum of three text messages. For example, “Good morning, sweetie. After your coffee, check underneath the sink.” Then have a special surprise waiting for him or a note to text you for further instructions.

Romantic Quotes

Sometimes you may want to use someone else's words to let your boyfriend know exactly how you feel. If you have a favorite quote about love, you may use this, or you can search for other quotes. Romantic Lyrics offers a database of quotes. Romantic quotes may come from philosophers, movies or music lyrics. For example, “Other men said they have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. – G. Moore.”

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