Romantic Ideas for When Your Partner Gets Home Late

by K. Nola Mokeyane

In order to keep your relationship burning with passion, you're going to have to keep the romantic sparks lit. Many romantic partners become mired in their daily routines without realizing that relationships require continuous nurturing. Psychotherapist, columnist, radio host and keynote speaker Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. with Psychology Today says that "love requires that you take action and do things for and with your partner that show you care." Offering your partner a late-night, romantic gesture is a step in the right direction to keeping your relationship's fire burning.

Candle-lit Bubble Bath

A warm bubble bath can be the perfect way to wind down after a long day's work. Candles add a romantic ambience to your bathroom, and encourage your partner to unwind as he enjoys his bath. Have soft, therapeutic sounds playing in the background to add to the romantic and peaceful atmosphere, such as soft jazz music or sounds of nature. Provide your partner with a good book or a calming stress ball to help him unwind.

Intimate Massage

Massage is known for its numerous health benefits, reports medical professionals at Mayo Clinic, providing relief for conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and headaches. You can spice up your partner's experience by using warm, flavored massage lotion or giving her a nude massage. Whisper sweet, loving words in her ear as you give the massage, reminding her of how much you love and appreciate her. Create and play a CD of her favorite slow songs to enhance this romantic experience.

Dinner by Candlelight

If your partner arrives home late, there's the possibility that he has not had a good meal. Set the table for two, and light a few candles to create an atmosphere of romance. Cook his favorite meal, and enhance this experience by offering to feed him his meal since he's had a long day. For added romantic flair, wear a piece of lingerie that you know he likes and serve him while wearing this attire. Don't forget to lose the apron!

Movie - With a Romantic Twist

Movies can be a great way to unwind after a late day at work--especially if it's heading into the weekend and you don't have to worry about getting up for work the next day. Spice up your movie night with a few romantic touches. First, invite your partner to change into a sexy piece of lingerie while the two of you watch the movie. Next, select a film genre that keeps the energy playful and romantic between the two of you, such as a romantic comedy. Feed each other popcorn or lightly caress her with soft touches or a foot massage.

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