Romantic Ideas for My Boyfriend

by Kaydence Small
For most women, there are few limits when it comes to creating a memorable moment for their boyfriend.

For most women, there are few limits when it comes to creating a memorable moment for their boyfriend.

There are hundreds of ideas that you could use to create a beautiful and romantic moment for you and your boyfriend. However, it is important that you don’t just randomly select an idea because “it sounds cool,” or because “my girlfriends had great success with it." Instead, select an idea with your boyfriend’s personality in mind, and try to think out of the box without crossing the line.

Plan a weekend trip. but do what he wants, not what you want.

Your romantic-moment ideas may not be the same as those of your boyfriend. So, when you are contemplating these ideas, keep him in mind. For instance, you may not think of a fishing trip as romantic, but this is what some men love to do. Romance is being able to tug at that special someone's heart so he becomes more endeared and enamored with you. Try some of these super romantic couple activities for your get-a-way weekend together. And remember, you can still incorporate some of the things you like to do when planning a weekend trip.

Get some wine and a selction of fruits for the evening together in your room, but slip in something extra for him like season tickets, or the latest CD of his favorite band or singer

Treat him to dinner at a resturant where you know they serve his favorite food and dessert.

It’s not all about sex, but also about intimacy and mutual admiration.

Some people say that women are into intimacy, not men. But this does not apply to relationships. Men need intimacy because it helps them feel connected to another human being on more than just a physical level. They just don’t want dollops of it, nor constant pressure to “hang around” in bed, chatting. Thus, a very romantic idea is to simply reassure him with words or a song to let him know how you feel. If you’re not very good with short speeches, write a note and leave it on his pillow. Just keep it short and simple.

Show him you care in small but unexpected gestures.

Believe it or not, romance is not always wine, flowers, and making love with your boyfriend. You can also be romantic with small gestures such as :

Heating his bath towel on a cold night so that after his shower, his towel is nice and toasty.

Bring him breakfast-in-bed--with the newspaper, and let him enjoy his morning coffee in peace.

Surprise him once in a while with a loving (or provocative) text message about how much you miss him.

Play games: outdoor and indoor adult fun

How about a game of hide-and-seek, Trivial Pursuit, or strip poker? Be as creative as possible and you can turn a so-so night into a night you both will cherish. Just remember to bring out his favorite snacks, wine, and music. All that matters is that you both enjoy the game, and are willing to go all the way, with no-holds barred attitudes. It will be a lot of fun with incredible, loving moments, if you keep it light, and do not let it become too competitive.

In summary, the best advice for romancing your boyfriend to make it personal, romantic and stress-free for both of you. If things veer a little off track from your original plan, go with the flow. Nothing ruins a romantic moment more than trying to stick to a schedule your partner is unwilling to follow. More often than not, going off the beaten track creates some of the most memorable moments you will ever have with your boyfriend.


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