A Romantic Gift for Your Girlfriend

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Sometimes we all want the opportunity to show those we care about how much they mean to us. When words don’t feel like enough, finding the right gift can help send that message to the lady in your life. Whether you’re searching for a present for the holidays or hoping to find something just because, here are a few tried and true romantic gift ideas.

Experiences That Count

People remember the positive experiences they share together, and finding an event or adventure to enjoy as a couple could create happier memories than any physical gift. Think about activities you and your girlfriend would both enjoy. If she is a fan of fine arts, pick up some tickets to an upcoming performance. Or if she is a thrill seeker at heart, surprise her with a bungee jumping adventure. Whatever the plan, just make sure it is something she will be excited about doing with her boyfriend by her side.

Put a Frame on It

Framing pictures can be overdone, but creating a shadow box with mementos of your love? That is one move sure to leave your girlfriend feeling touched, according to dating website Match.com. Start by gathering anything you can from your first few dates together. Ticket stubs or a copy of the menu from the restaurant you ate at might be a good idea. Add splashes of color by including petals from flowers you have given her in the past or paint chips from the time you redid her living room together. Before sealing the frame, add in one or two small pictures of the two of you enjoying life together -- finalizing a collection of items bound to always make her think of you.

The Gift of Touch

Most women love a good spa day, but what they like even more is being pampered by the man in their life. Treat your girlfriend to a personal massage with you as the masseuse, suggests relationship coach and author Kristina Marchant on relationships site YourTango.com. Turn the lights down low and get the romantic music playing before lighting a few candles to set the mood. Take your time and focus on relieving any tension she may be feeling. Make her your complete focus for an hour of spoiling she won’t soon forget.

Just for Her

The true test of a romantic gift is how much thought went into it. Try listening to your girlfriend for clues about gifts that might truly touch her. If she tells you a story about a beloved but long-lost childhood doll, take to the Internet to see if you can find a replica. Or if she mentions a secret love of art, sign her up for a painting class where she can explore her talents. The key to the perfect gift is to first pay attention.