Romantic Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

by Lee Morgan
Put romance into your relationship while giving a great birthday gift.

Put romance into your relationship while giving a great birthday gift.

Women who wonder how to surprise their husband on his birthday with a romantic gift should remember that men enjoy physical pleasure and food. It’s not too difficult to imagine some ideas that will remind him of how much you care if those criteria are kept in mind. There are many ways to give a man a great birthday present while igniting a spark in your personal lives as well.

A Jar Full Of Romance

The jar full of romance is a gift that keeps on giving to both the husband and to the wife who gives it. Fill a large clear jar with folded pieces of paper that have various romantic activities written on them. This can include the likes of a sensual massage or skinny-dipping in the backyard hot tub. The activities can be as tame or as naughty as the spouse feels comfortable with.

Each morning for a week or month or however long he has remaining papers in the jar, he will draw one and read it. That day, the couple will take the time to do the romantic activity, turning a single day of celebration into a passionate birthday that lasts much longer.

Couple’s Massage

Many spas offer a couple’s massage. Booking a trip to a spa where a husband and wife can enjoy a side-by-side professional massage will allow them to relax together and can be the perfect beginning to a carefree day of enjoying other amenities at the spa together or simply having a night on the town feeling rejuvenated and romantic.

Please His Palate

An old saying suggests the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and there is no doubt a man will appreciate a memorable meal prepared by his spouse for his birthday.

The meal should be intimate, candlelit with soft dinner music. The food itself should be something delicious the gift giver has mastered. Something that shows a real effort and a touch of the gourmet may mean more than a thrown-together casserole, unless the spouse is famous in the family for never cooking, then any successful dinner may be impressive.

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