Rocking a Sequin Dress

by Tarah Damask

You're dripping in sequins from head to toe -- or at least from neck to knees -- which means you need to be selective about the pieces you add to avoid appearing all costumed up. Rocking a sequin dress is a matter of incorporating other outfit elements that either create the same level of visual intensity or that take a backseat, keeping your sequin frock at center stage.

Frills-Free Foundation

You should maintain pared-down, simple hair and makeup when wearing a sequin dress. Because your frock is already making a powerful statement with its glittery, light-reflective ways, keep everything else subtle to create an elegant balance. Go for a streamlined coif by pulling your hair back into a simple high ponytail. For shorter hair, skip the messy, piecey look and keep locks sleek, pushed to the side and off of your face. Subtle makeup is appropriate, too. Go with allover foundation, black mascara, blush in a tone that matches your natural lip color and a sheer lipstick in a berry hue.

Shades of Shimmer

Take a simple approach by choosing accessories in the same shades as your dress. For example, if you're wearing a fuchsia sequin dress, look for a high-shine clutch in a deep fuchsia color. If your frock is multi-colored, including silver, pink and blue, reach for a pair of metallic pumps inspired by a color in your dress -- think dark pink or light blue. Simply choose an accessory that's a bit darker or lighter than the initial hue. When all else fails, add black accessories for a classic look.

Cool Contrast

If you're interested in creating a more dynamic ensemble with greater depth than an all-one-color look, create contrast. Accomplish this feat with tone and texture. For example, if you're wearing a vivid violet sequin dress, reach for a leather clutch in its complementary color -- deep yellow -- and finish the look with black velvet pumps. In addition, incorporating jewelry into your outfit brings in different finishes. Jeweled, stud earrings or a pendant necklace or bracelet in a complementary color is another way to create contrast. Similarly, the matte finish of a brushed-metal accessory, such as a brushed gold cuff, against high-shine sequins creates visual interest through textural variety.

Subtle Sequin Style

Don't reserve your sequins for fancy occasions only -- if you're dying to rock the frock in a more casual setting, go for it. Add not-so-dressy pieces to your look to create a laid-back, chic finish. Wear a black leather moto-style jacket over a pale pink sequin minidress, and slide your feet into black ankle boots. Or, pull a black or charcoal crewneck sweater with a boxy silhouette over a fitted sequin mini in any color. Leave the sweater as-is or cinch the waist with a skinny belt that blends with the sweater; apple bodies, skip the waist-cinching for a flattering tunic effect. Pop your feet into nude or black suede flats or booties and finish with simple hoops or studs to make your sequin-rocking moment sublimely subtle.

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