How to Get Rid of Nose Hair

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No one enjoys seeing little tufts of hair protruding from a person's nostrils. Although you might also hate nose hair, you can't just eliminate all of it. Nose hair serves a biological purpose, acting as a natural filter that prevents dust and dirt from entering your respiratory system. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea for aesthetic reasons to get rid of the extra hairy threads that escape out from the bottom of your nose -- providing you do it correctly.

Step 1

Tilt your head back while looking in the mirror to get a good view of what you're up against. Be sure that you are in a well-lit room. Hairs can be hard to spot sometimes.

Step 2

Trim the nose hair that protrudes from the base of the nostrils with clean hair trimmers. Do not insert the unguarded trimmers into your nostrils. Doing so puts you at the risk of scratching the sensitive lining inside your nose and opening yourself up to the possibility of infection.

Step 3

Slide a clean guarded nose-hair trimmer into your nostril. Do not jam the trimmer all the way into that delicate passage -- you do want to keep some of your hidden nose hair for filtering purposes. Trim away only the bottom 1/4 inch or so of hair until there is no longer any hair visible to the casual onlooker.

Step 4

Blow your nose into a tissue to eliminate any hair trimmings that may remain inside your nostrils.