Retirement Gag Gifts for Men

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When a man retires, typically friends, family or coworkers throw him a retirement party. Gifts at these events range from sentimental to serious to just for fun. You can make a retirement party more fun by adding a few funny gag gifts to the party. Make sure that nothing you give will offend the gift recipient or family members before choosing a gag gift.

Award Certificates

One fun gag gift to give to a man when he retires is a useless award certificate. You can make the certificate for nearly anything, but it should be retirement related and funny. Give an award for something such as “oldest employee in company history,” “world’s longest-lasting slacker” or any other clever saying that you can think of that would not be offensive to the retiring man. Family members can also award a retiring family member with a similar gag award certificate, such as one that states that the man is a “professional napper.”

Miscellaneous Gifts

There are many funny gag gift items for men that have no particular category. These gifts are the kind that you see at party stores and card stores. These gifts include gifts like a “retired” parking sticker, bumper stickers that warn people of the driver’s advanced age, dice that allow the player to choose retired activities, such as fishing, golfing, napping or eating or funny hats with funny sayings about the wearer, such as the tag “over the hill.”

Activity Kits

Gag activity kits can be a fun way to share the joy of a man’s retirement. These activity kits should be funny and useful at the same time. You could create a home survival kit, including snacks, movies, senior toilet seat cover, pill organizer and a pillow for naps. You could create a retirement vacation kit including items for a retired vacation, such as ugly hats, fanny packs, a walking cane and an ear horn for listening to foreigners.

Old Gifts

One fun gag gift pokes fun at the fact that the recipient is reaching an advanced age. Do not use this gag gift if the man is sensitive about his age or health issues. You could give gifts such as adult diapers, denture paste, a blanket for cold shoulders, hearing aids, a life whistle, a cane or walker and any other items typically associated with older people and aging. These gifts will provide a chuckle for everyone at the event.