Removing Back Hair

Unwanted body hair can be awkward to deal with, particularly in social settings. Back hair can be especially frustrating, as it can be dense and dark, making it more noticeable. While both men and women can experience back hair, it is more common in males. Thankfully, there are various removal methods you can employ to get rid of back hair. Methods such as shaving and waxing offer short-term hair removal, whereas electrolysis and laser hair removal provide long-term results.

Shave your back. If the hair is on your upper or lower back, you may be able to do this easily on your own. If the hair is in an area that is difficult to reach, employ the help of a trusted friend or family member to aid in the process. Depending on your hair growth patterns, shaving should generally keep your back free of hair for one to five days.

Trim your back hair. If you simply want the hair to be less noticeable, you can thin it out and trim it down with a pair of grooming scissors. It won't completely remove the hair, but it will make it more discreet.

Wax your back. You can either purchase a home waxing kit and do it yourself (though you'll likely need a friend to help with mid-back areas) or you visit a professional at a salon. Since waxing removes hair from the root, results usually last between two to eight weeks. Be prepared for some pain when the hair is pulled out.

Pluck errant back hairs with tweezers. If you have little back hair, plucking is a viable option. If your back hair is dense, plucking will likely be too time-consuming to be worth your while.

Use a depilatory cream on your back hair. These hair removal creams employ chemicals to dissolve hair right at the surface of the skin. Apply the cream to your back and allow it to sit there for the specified amount of time. When you rinse the cream off, your hair should come with it.

Get laser hair removal. Though expensive, laser hair removal will give you long-term results. A laser zaps the hair away, causing the hair follicle to go into a dormant, non-producing state. Laser hair removal works best on those with light skin and dark hair since the laser targets the pigment in the hair. You'll generally need a series of sessions to remove all your back hair.

Consider electrolysis. If you don't have dense back hair, electrolysis is a good solution. A professional technician inserts a needle into each individual hair follicle that emits an electrical current which kills the follicle. Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal and it is effective on blond and light-colored hair. Since the process does involve treating each follicle separately, it can be painful if you have a lot of back hair.