How to Remove a Crease From a Camel Hair Fabric Suit Coat

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Camel hair is among the most valuable forms of wool. Classified with cashmere and mohair as a specialty hair fiber, camel hair garments are opulently soft and exceedingly delicate. The reddish tan fibers for this luxury material are taken from the two-humped Bactrian camel, but not by shearing or combing; the fine hairs, which are between 4 and 50 microns thick, are collected during the animal’s annual molting period. Coats made from this unique material can last a lifetime when properly maintained. Close attention to detail is an important part of maintaining any luxury garment. For example, never use a hot iron or extreme heat to remove wrinkles and creases from a camel hair coat.

Step 1

Wash your hands for no less than 30 seconds to prevent dirt and oil transfers onto the garment. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Step 2

Remove all the items from the camel hair coat including keys, coins and pens in the coat pockets. Hang the garment on a sturdy coat hanger and hang it in your bathroom near the shower but out of reach of water splashes.

Step 3

Turn the shower nozzle away from the shower door. Turn the shower on and adjust the temperature to hot. Close the bethroom door and leave the coat in the steamy room for five to 10 minutes.

Step 4

Open the bathroom door and turn the shower off. Remove the garment from the room and hang it in a dry space. Using a soft bristle brush, brush all the creased areas with swift downward motions to straighten fabric. Repeat the procedure until the creases are flat.

Step 5

Heat water in a teakettle or use a garment steamer for a single crease. Be careful not to get the coat wet while you aim the steam at the crease for a few seconds. Brush the area with swift, downward motions using a soft bristle brush. Repeat the action until the crease is flat.