Relieve Stress and Make Your Skin Super Soft with a Wild Orange Sugar Body Scrub

I always get really rough skin in the cooler months of the year, so I started to try out different ways to naturally heal my skin. I created an essential oil scrub with ingredients that are extremely beneficial and very accessible! The results? Well, my legs have never been so smooth. Not kidding!

Ingredients: Wild orange essential oil (use at your discretion — just a few drops will do)
1 cup Raw Cane or Turbo Sugar (a rough crystal is great for a scrub)
1/2 cup Avocado oil
2 capsules vitamin E oil (optional but a big plus for skin!)
Air tight container or jar

Simply add all ingredients together and stir well. Store in air tight container or jar. I keep mine in the shower and go through it quickly enough that the sugar doesn’t crystalize or harden.

Use a few times a week and scrub in a circular motion on your skin. Soft and smooth is a result! There are so many benefits of essential oils and, with the wild orange, it can actually be a stress and anxiety reliever, which makes it a great reason to use this scrub at the start or end of your day!

Photo credits: Haley Sheffield