Relationship Building Activities for Couples

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Maintaining a healthy and vibrant relationship with your partner can be challenging, especially in today’s busy world. Fast-paced lifestyles can often infringe upon your personal lives, leaving little time to strengthen the bonds in your relationship. Even couples who have been married for years may sometimes feel like their relationship is stagnating. It is natural for couples to feel this way. However, there are ways to get out of the rut and stay on the path to a loving and committed relationship.

Plan surprise dates

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Dates are a fun way to spend special time together and enjoy each other’s company. However, a surprise date is even more romantic and thoughtful. Show up at her office just before she’s getting ready to leave work and whisk her away to a surprise dinner and concert.

Relish the simple joys of togetherness

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Reminding your partner that you love him doesn’t necessarily have to be an elaborately planned activity. Simple things like leaving love notes in his wallet or calling him during work just to say you miss him go a long way toward keeping your relationship healthy and invigorated.

Make time for cherishing your relationship

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We tend to get caught up in our day-to-day routines and often forget to acknowledge how grateful we are for our relationship. Plan a weekend where no one does any chores and the cell phones are switched off. Take time to let your partner know how much you cherish her company. You can also use the weekend as an opportunity to look back on your relationship so far and renew your trust and love for the years to come.

Do something for the first time

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Dinners, concerts, movies and pizza nights are a fun way to bond and reconnect, but sometimes you need a new spark to inspire and stimulate your relationship. Plan an activity you haven’t done before. Volunteer together at the local animal shelter or rent a kayak and explore your city through its waterways. Creativity is the key here!

Make a list of things you like about your partner

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Dim the lights, sit down together with a favorite snack and start making a list of the things you like in your partner. Items can be as simple as “I like how you make coffee for me on Sunday mornings” or they can be behavioral traits like “I love how easy-going you are”. Feel free to be as descriptive as you like. Once your lists are complete, display them in a common place (such as on the refrigerator) and read them out loud as often as you can!

Plan a special day for your partner

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Schedule a day of the week when you agree to do any reasonable thing your partner requests. For instance, you can fulfill his request to cook his favorite pasta for dinner. Keep requests practical and thoughtful. (Don’t ask him to buy you a plasma TV.) Take turns every week and you’ll find that as this activity progresses you become better at understanding your partner’s needs, leading to a healthy give-and-take relationship.