Rehearsal Dinner Activities

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Immediately following a ceremony rehearsal, a couple may choose to hold a rehearsal dinner. This dinner honors those who have helped in the wedding planning and may also include out-of-town guests and other special attendants. Once all the requirements of the rehearsal dinner are met, give your attendees the opportunity to take part in rehearsal dinner activities.

Thanking the Wedding Party

After many hours spent planning the wedding and supporting the bride and groom, the wedding party deserves a special thanks from the couple. Arrange a time to publicly thank each of them for what she has done to help with the wedding preparations. Take this time to give gifts to those in your wedding party. Wedding party gifts should come from the heart and have personal meaning to each individual.

Wedding Party Toasts

Traditionally, wedding party toasts begin with the groom's father. After welcoming those at the dinner, he thanks the bride's parents for all they have done in hosting the wedding. The bride's father will stand and share a toast. Throughout the rest of dinner the groom, best man and maid of honor will also stand and offer a toast to the couple. In less traditional rehearsal dinners, the bride and her mother may also stand and offer a toast.

Discussing the Ceremony

Because the rehearsal dinner comes after the ceremony rehearsal, issues with the ceremony rehearsal may require some discussion. If the bride and groom need to offer further instruction on how the ceremony should run, or any final tweaks to the ceremony need to be made, dedicate a time to this discussion after the dinner. Allocate plenty of time to ensure that everything goes according to plan on the day of the wedding, and that no confusion among the bridal party exists.

Games and Activities

Once all the necessary activities of the rehearsal dinner have concluded, spend any extra time enjoying relaxing games and activities. Create questions regarding the life of the bride and the groom, both individually and as a couple. Split the rehearsal dinner guests into teams, and ask the questions for a game of Bridal Trivia. For a more off-the-cuff activity, gather the dinner guests together and take turns telling stories about the couple or funny stories about them individually.