Regrowing Eyelashes

by Kathleen Bunn

Accidents happen, and whether you lost your eyelashes due to an accident, health issue, or beauty mistake, there are ways that you can begin regrowing eyelashes right away. It takes about one to two months for your body to regrow an entire eyelash that has fallen out. So, you won't wake up the next day with long, full lashes, but you can be on your way to regrowing eyelashes in a fuller and more luscious way.

Items you will need

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Tinted eyelash conditioner
Step 1

Avoid using eyelash curlers and false eyelashes. These products may help what lashes you have left look fuller while you are waiting for new lashes to grow, but they can also contribute to the loss of even more eyelashes. If you are regrowing eyelashes, then the use of these tools should be avoided to keep the progress that you have made intact.

Step 2

Use a lash conditioner on your eyelashes instead of mascara. Mascara can often turn your eyelashes into a stiff brittle mess. If you have already lost a great deal of eyelashes, then this situation is not helpful. Using a tinted eyelash conditioner, instead, will give your lashes the same look as mascara, but will condition them to stimulate stronger growth.

Step 3

Do not continue the behavior that caused you to lose your lashes in the first place. If you have a habit of plucking your eyelashes, or are constantly rubbing your eyes, take the steps needed to avoid those actions in the future. For your eyelashes to be able to grow in a productive way, they must be left alone and relatively untouched.

Step 4

Take extra vitamin A and vitamin B to promote the growth of eyelashes and strengthen the ones you have to keep them from falling out.

Step 5

Rub vitamin E oil over your eyelashes before bed. Be careful not to get it into your eyes, but the vitamin E oil will help to condition and strengthen your remaining and growing eyelashes while you sleep.

Step 6

Allow your eyelashes time to regrow. While the above steps can prevent new lashes from falling out, strengthen the lashes you have, and can help promote and stimulate the regrowing of eyelashes, the only real method for regrowing eyelashes is to give it time. Visit the Resource below for more information on eyelashes.


  • Do not try fad methods to regrow eyelashes, as they have not been proved to work.


  • Use caution when using oils or creams near your eyes. Wash your eyes out thoroughly with water if anything gets into them.

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