How to Recover When Your Husband Cheats & Leaves You

by Melissa Morang
Crying is a natural and healthy way to express your emotions.

Crying is a natural and healthy way to express your emotions.

You probably believed in happily ever after on your wedding day. All of a sudden the fairy tale is over and you find yourself alone and heartbroken. If your husband cheated and left, you are probably wondering how to pick up the pieces of your life. Perhaps you feel you will never recover. You need to be kind to yourself and realize that the process of recovery will take effort and time. Don't let the hurt drag you down. The future is filled with hope. Get away from the darkness and find the light.

Allow yourself to feel the pain. Do not try to block out the hurt. Denial may help you avoid the facts, but it will not help you recover. To fully recover, you must acknowledge your feelings. So, express your feelings to friends and family. Let yourself cry to get the negative feelings out.

Rid yourself of reminders. If you have pictures of him in the house, throw them out or put them in the closet. Remove his personal effects. Put them in a box and call one of his friends or family members. Do not ask your husband to come over. You will only cause yourself more hurt and pain.

Pamper yourself. It's time to look after yourself again. Go to a spa and get a massage or facial. Alternatively, get a new haircut or new clothes. The point is to do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Go out with friends. You may feel like curling up into a ball and hiding in bed. You need to get out, however, and feel life around you. Call a few friends and go out to dinner or go to a movie. Perhaps take a weekend trip with a few friends. You need to find joy and laughter after the heartbreak.

Start a new chapter of your life by joining a club or group. You need to move on from the pain. This is a chance to do something you've always wanted, such as joining a dance class or photography club. You can meet people with the same interests and start living life again.

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