Recognizing the Signs That a Relationship Is Ending

by C. Giles

Most of the time, relationships don't just end without any warning -- even if it seems that way. Signs that a relationship is on the rocks often appear in cycles, and may continue over many months or years, notes couples counselor Elly Prior on her website. Being aware of some common signs that a relationship is coming to an end can help you prepare yourself for the breakup when it happens.

Lack of Communication

Consider how you and your partner communicate. It's not a good sign if you no longer talk about issues in the relationship or take the time to address each another's concerns. Communication is key to a relationship, notes relationship expert and author Rachel DeAlto in a 2012 Cosmopolitan article. If the only way you communicate is arguing, this could be equally significant. While some arguing can actually be good for a relationship, provided it clears the air and resolves the issue in a positive way, if all you do is argue without actually getting things resolved -- or are constantly finding fault with each other -- it could be time to go your separate ways, advises Elly Prior.

Lack of Sex

Compare your sex life to how it once was. Trouble in the bedroom can be a symptom of a relationship that is on the rocks. While it's normal for a couple's sex life to have its ups and downs, notes Rachel DeAlto, if one of you completely loses all sexual desire for the other and there is no medical reason for it, this typically indicates a serious problem.

Lack of Affection

Think about the last time you were affectionate with each other. If you can't remember when you last snuggled up together on the sofa, grabbed each other for a spontaneous hug or held hands while out in public, you need to ask why. If you simply have no desire to show affection toward your partner -- or your partner is demonstrating a lack of affection toward you -- it might be time to move on or to realize that your partner might be considering it.

Lack of Interest

Arrange a romantic date for yourself and your partner. If you feel a sense of dread at the thought of spending time alone with him, or he shows no interest in joining you, it may be time to call it a day. A relationship takes effort, particularly when the initial honeymoon period is over. Both parties need to be committed to making an effort for the partnership to work.

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