How to Recognize Resentment

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Relationships are the flavor of life, but when they're strained you can experience emotional setbacks that drain your happiness. The best way to maintain healthy relationships is to stay clear of a negative attitude. If you can recognize the signs of resentment in your heart, you can deal with them before they turn your relationships sour.

Examine your feelings toward a person. Resentment might manifest itself in your inability to look him directly in the face. Communicate your feelings without hiding them. Deal with the issue openly and resist the urge to bury your feelings.

Recognize that your desire to avoid her is a sign of resentment. When you feel hurt, you are likely to put up a wall of defense that prevents more hurt. Be willing to remove that wall and enjoy a restored relationship.

Realize your feelings of jealousy or competitiveness. A strong desire to win and be the best can sometimes get in the way of maintaining healthy, strong relationships. Let go of that need to win and your relationship will flourish.

Understand that many conflicts happen as a result of assuming the worst, instead of thinking the best. A common misunderstanding can turn into a major conflict if the truth isn't searched out. Think the best of him.

Acknowledge your feelings of indifference toward her. Resentment shows up as an uncaring attitude and can lead to diminished love. Forgive and let go of the offense.

Know that your fear of losing him is a sign of suspicion. You can easily amend that distrust by simply believing that he cares for you, as you believed before. Your insecurities about yourself are deceptive.

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