Recital Reception Ideas

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After a recital, hold a reception to celebrate the musical performance and bring together friends and family. A recital reception can be a very casual affair; it doesn't have to be at an official reception hall, but rather it can be set up in your living room. By choosing a musical theme for your decor and food and decorating in classic black and white, the room will look cohesive and elegant.

Music Themed Cupcakes

To go with the music theme, make cupcakes that are black and white. Bake chocolate cupcakes and frost them with white buttercream icing. Pipe black a treble clef, a base clef or music notes on each cupcake. Keep it simple -- put only one music element on each cupcake -- and the result will be classy and elegant.

White and Black Decor

Decorate the room with white and black to reflect the music theme. For example, have a white tablecloth with black streamers. Sprinkle black confetti across the table. Serve desserts on white and black platters; these may either be patterned or solid in color. Decorate with white window treatments. Put white candles in glass jars and tie a black ribbon around the jars. Then place the jars on the table where the food is being served. Overall, make all decor black and white to reinforce the music theme.


Since it is a reception for a recital, play music at the reception that builds on the music of the recital. For example, have pieces playing by the same composer as the pieces you just played in a recital. Have music playing in the background to serve as a reminder that this is a reception for a recital and it will accent the black and white music theme with which you have decorated.

Party Favors

Send your guests home from the recital reception with a small party favor that is also part of the music theme. Since a reception is comprised mainly of light foods and desserts, it is appropriate to send your guests home with a chocolate musical note. Buy or special order them from a local bakery. Place one chocolate musical note into each cellophane bag and tie it off with a white or black ribbon.