Recipes for a Home Remedy for Age Spot Remover


0:05 hi I'm Regina owner and chemists here

0:08 already alchemy natural products and in

0:10 this video I'm going to show you how to

0:11 make a recipe for a home remedy for an

0:14 age spot remover so what you're first

0:16 going to need to start off with is some

0:19 apple cider vinegar

0:20 I prefer apple cider vinegar over

0:22 regular white vinegar because you want

0:24 all the wonderful ingredients from the

0:26 apples in there and particularly the

0:28 malic acid is really going to be great

0:29 for helping to dissolve and fade that

0:32 hpop then you're also going to need some

0:34 aloe vera gel some lemons and then an

0:37 orange and then if you can get it some

0:40 frankincense essential oil not the

0:42 fragrance oil but the pure essential oil

0:45 so with this recipe it's really simple

0:47 you're going to do a quarter I'm sorry

0:50 half a cup of aloe vera gel you're going

0:53 to pour that into a container the gel is

0:56 great because not only is it moisturizes

0:58 but it's going to act as our base giving

1:00 it kind of a thickness and a gel type of

1:02 consistency I'm going to pour that in

1:06 you're then going to do a tablespoon of

1:11 your apple cider vinegar and remember

1:13 with the vinegar we want it because of

1:15 that alpha hydroxy acid in there and

1:17 then also the malic acid in there you're

1:21 going to do them do also a tablespoon of

1:23 lemon juice so go ahead and just squeeze

1:25 that in now the lemon juice is important

1:29 for the alpha hydroxy acids also that

1:31 one has particularly in it called citric

1:33 acid that one's also really great for

1:35 not only exfoliating the skin but also

1:37 helping to fade the dark spot in the age

1:40 spots and then it also has vitamin C in

1:42 there so the vitamin C is going to be

1:44 great for also helping to fade that age

1:46 spot same thing with the orange juice

1:49 and we're doing also a tablespoon of

1:51 orange juice pure orange juice and this

1:53 one also has that vitamin C but also has

1:55 some of the alpha hydroxy acid in there

1:59 put that in and then if you do have the

2:02 frankincense essential oil now this

2:04 essential oils particularly great for

2:06 helping to fade those age spots now

2:09 normally you'd put about 10 drops in

2:11 there I'm just going to use my spoon and

2:13 then just put in

2:14 about a little less than a quarter of a

2:17 tablespoon in there then all you're

2:22 going to do is mix it up and you can

2:25 either leave it in the in the bowl here

2:28 and store it with some clear plastic

2:31 wrap or aluminum foil in the

2:33 refrigerator for about one to two weeks

2:34 but I usually prefer to take my mixture

2:37 which is a thin gel right now and pour

2:40 it into a bottle with a cap on it and

2:42 then whenever you're ready you're just

2:43 going to shake the bottle up turn it

2:45 over onto a cotton ball and apply that

2:47 onto the edge spot preferably about one

2:50 to two times per day if not you can do

2:53 it even longer or more often if you like

2:55 and about one to two weeks you should

2:57 notice your age spots starting to fake

2:59 and that's a recipe for a home remedy

3:02 for an age spot remover

3:09 you