Recipe for Sausage & Mozzarella Toothpick Appetizer


0:05 hi this is Jeff heavy with convivial

0:08 catering and today I'm going to show you

0:09 how to make a very simple sausage and

0:12 mozzarella toothpick so here we have

0:15 some grated Parmesan cheese some fresh

0:19 buffalo mozzarella that was these are

0:22 about a third of an ounce and I just cut

0:25 those in half we have some marinara

0:28 sauce we have some fresh herbs we have

0:31 some fresh oregano some fresh basil here

0:35 our trusty toothpicks and then we have

0:36 some Italian turkey sausage today I just

0:39 chose to use some turkey sausage but you

0:43 can use any sort of sausage that you

0:45 really enjoy so we already went ahead

0:49 and grilled these off for us we mark

0:51 those on both sides and now what we're

0:54 gonna do is we're just going to cut them

0:55 on the bias and cut them fairly thick

0:59 and what we're gonna do is that one

1:02 we're not going to utilize because

1:03 otherwise it would roll around on us and

1:05 we don't want that so we'll cut these on

1:08 the bias they'll be nice and flat for us

1:12 so that we can set our sauce on top of

1:15 there that should be good so we'll take

1:19 some of our marinara sauce and just

1:22 ladle a little bit on top of the grilled

1:24 sausage it should be nice the sausages

1:30 we're not overcooked so they're still

1:32 moist but it's also nice to add a little

1:33 moisture and a little flavor with the

1:35 marinara just put that on there

1:42 if you'd like to add a little extra heat

1:45 you can sprinkle a little crushed red

1:46 pepper on top go do that get a couple of

1:50 flate flakes on there get a little zip

1:52 okay and then we'll just go ahead and

1:55 place the fresh mozzarella balls on

1:57 there luckily with the sauce it's gonna

1:59 stay right in place for us beautiful

2:06 beautiful and that's just gonna melt

2:07 beautifully all over that but the joy is

2:11 is that we got the toothpicks so you

2:12 don't have to grab it with your hands

2:14 and now all we do is put that under the

2:16 broiler for about two minutes until we

2:18 get a little bit of color and the cheese

2:21 melts for us so our sausage and

2:26 mozzarella toothpicks have been in the

2:28 oven for about two-and-a-half three

2:30 minutes and when they come out they have

2:35 a nice golden caramelized color on the

2:39 top and then what we're gonna do to

2:43 finish them is we'll just pleat those up

2:53 and then we will add a little bit of

2:59 grated Parmesan cheese and then we're

3:05 just going to put a little bit of fresh

3:07 oregano on there

3:17 have some toothpicks ready for your

3:19 guests actually we can even make it

3:23 easier for them will even spirit for

3:25 them perfect

3:28 I'm Jeff heavy with convivial catering

3:31 and here is our sausage and mozzarella

3:34 toothpicks eat drink and be merry