Recipe for Making Bay Rum Aftershave

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Bay rum aftershave contains a light and spicy scent for men. The homemade aftershave leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Commercial aftershaves can contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, which makes a homemade aftershave appealing to people who care about what they put on their skin. Making your own aftershave also will save you money because you will not have to purchase expensive commercial aftershaves from the store.

Pour ½ cup of vodka and 2 tbsp. of rum into a glass bottle with screw-on lid. You may need to use a funnel to aid you in this process.

Add the zest of an orange, 2 bay leaves, ¼ tsp. allspice and 1 cinnamon stick to the bottle.

Screw the lid onto the bottle. Store the bottle in a cool and dark environment for two weeks.

Line a strainer with cheesecloth. Pour the liquid through the cheesecloth and into a container.

Pour the aftershave back into the bottle. You can now use the bay rum aftershave.