How to Receive Phone Calls From Inmates

by Contributor

if you have a love one incarcerated it can be a stress full time. here's a guide to help keep communications lines going

there are a few ways to get phone calls from inmates in either the county jails, state prisons and federal detention centers. You first need to call the facility and ask what the options are. Calls are affordable and last 15 to 20 min.

In some cases all you will need to do is call your local phone company and ask if you are set up to receive collect calls from a inmate facility. This is the most convienent way. The charges will show up on your monthly telephone bill.

There is another few options. Some facilities have pre paid phone cards for the inmates. The inmates can obtain these through the jail or prison store. To go this option you will need to send the inmate a money order. The last option is to pre pay calls on your credit card. The bonus for doing this is that you can keep track on how much you are spending on calls. You however can not use visa gift cards. The credit card needs to be in your name.

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