Reasons for Fashion Shows

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Fashion shows inspire future designers and models with shimmering spectacle, outrageous designs and slender models. Fashion shows are held in major metropolitan cities of the world like New York, London, Paris and Milan. Actors, athletes, press and musicians attend fashion shows, which usually last for a week at a time, to witness and become a part of the event.


The articles of clothing that the models wear on the runway aren't intended to be sold to the public. The over-the-top designs worn on the catwalk set out to inspire the imagination. The clothes on display act as exaggerations of the designers' truly marketable merchandise, which will eventually be sold at clothing stores for public consumption, according to Claire Suddath for Time Magazine. The fashion show serves to drum up excitement for future sales of the more subdued versions of the showcased designs, and having the fashion conscious public see that their favorite celebrities are in attendance only helps future sales.

Preview of Fashion Trends

People who pay attention to fashion want to know what will be the hot new style in the coming season, and the fashion show hints at, and often drives, the fashions to come. If you want to know what length skirts--if they will be pin straight or A-line--will be in the spring, take note of the fall fashion shows, according to website Todays Hot Trends.

Boost Host City's Economy

Major cities that host fashion shows, which have bloomed into Fashion Weeks, experience a good influx of disposable income into their cities. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, taxi services and many more businesses benefit from the abundance of wealth that descends upon their bustling cities.

Networking Opportunities

Since fashion designers, magazine editors, celebrities and financiers from all of the world attend fashion shows, the opportunity to meet, greet and Tweet are nearly endless in this day and age. If an aspiring fashion designer makes it into the festivities, this is an opportunity for him to find an inside track into the fashion world. The average person attending a Fashion Week event is only one degree of separation away from others in their network so the chances are that someone you know will likely be able to introduce you to the person you actually want to talk to, according to Gawker.

Catch Makeup Trends

The makeup that the models wear usually dictates what the makeup trends and color palettes will be for the upcoming season. The symbiotic nature of fashion and make up fuse during a fashion show event.


Charity fashion shows function because of generous donations from designers, whether high end designers or on a smaller or more local scale. In local fashion shows, local fashion designers, set designers, musicians or DJs, and models have a chance to shine and feel the recognition of their community while they work toward a good cause. One example of an organization using a fashion show as a vehicle for change and social improvement is the Charity Fashion Show, which strives towards arts promotion, cultural diversity, community involvement, and global outreach.