Reasons to Go on a Break in a Relationship

by Sarah Casimong
A temporary break from a relationship can help you decide whether to stay together or break up for good.

A temporary break from a relationship can help you decide whether to stay together or break up for good.

Taking a temporary break from your partner can either save or end your relationship, but whatever the outcome is, it could be exactly what you need. There are many relationship scenarios where both individuals can benefit from a relationship break. Taking a time out with the intention of getting back together -- or at least coming back to discuss whether to stay or go -- can be a healthy way to figure out how to move forward.

Stuck In Limbo

If you or your partner feels you can’t be together but can’t be without each other, it may be time to go your separate ways -- at least temporarily. A break will give you the chance to see what it's like being apart -- but only for a set period. This will give you the comfort of knowing that if you like being together more than you like being apart, then the separation was only temporary. On the other hand, if you discover that you are better off apart, you may decide to split up permanently after the break ends. Being stuck in relationship limbo can be an emotional disaster and a temporary break may be the push that is needed to help you decide whether or not the relationship is worth keeping.

Constant Fighting

When your relationship seems to be just a series of arguments, a trial break can be good for both people. Pressing the pause button on the relationship will give you some much-needed space to think about your relationship in peace. Time apart does not necessarily mean things will improve when you get back together, but the peace might be necessary to make a proper decision, says relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam in "The Independent” in the article, “Taking a Break Is Hard to Do" by Genevieve Roberts. You can use the time alone t figure out what the root of the problem is and if it can be fixed -- and how.

Rediscover Yourself

You may need a break if you or your partner feel so consumed by your relationship that you have forgotten who you are on your own. Your identity may be so wrapped up in your significant others that you have forgotten who you are as individuals. Taking a break from each other can give you the time to find yourselves again, according to clinical psychologist and couple psychotherapist Andrew Balfour, as cited in "The Independent." One or both partners may need some emotional space and some new-found independence can make for a healthier relationship when you reunite.

Curious About Dating Others

Some people who have only been with one person romantically, like some high school sweethearts, may question whether their partner is really the one for them. You and your partner may agree to a temporary split to explore other options without infidelity. This is a more honest way of “cheating,” according to the Psychology Today article, “‘We Were on a Break!" 'Dating and Sex During a Temporary Separation'” by Mark D. White, a professor of philosophy. It is important to discuss what is expected during the break, and what possibilities can arise from the situation -- such as falling in love with someone else, the possibility of awkwardness when getting back together, or feelings of guilt.

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