Rainy Day Projects to Keep Kids Happy

Kersey Campbell

Rainy days can be boring for kids of all ages. Staying inside with nothing to do is a surefire setting for a frustrated outburst, and no parent wants that to happen. But there's no need to worry: Thanks to this list, you'll have plenty of crafty ideas up your sleeve to keep your kids happy when the weather turns gray. From making bookmarks with buttons to using bubble wrap for cool art projects, these do-it-yourself projects will have your kids wanting to dive into craft supplies every time it starts to sprinkle.

Sculpt a Monogram Necklace

If your kids like to play with clay, making this monogram necklace will be the perfect afternoon activity. Once you make the monograms, try out other shapes for even more flair.

Fashion Buttons as Easy Bookmarks

The readers in the family will love making these bookmarks. Repurpose buttons as clever place-keepers for a quick and out-of-the-box craft.

Kenzie Mastroe

Embellish a Pair of Denim Shorts

Start prepping for better weather by crafting with clothes. Grab a pair of old denim shorts, and use a summery pattern to make them ready for the sun.

Kirsten Nunez

Dream Up Colorful Dreamcatchers

The teenagers in the house will love this dreamcatcher project. Pick out yarn and other embellishments that will match their room decor, and then weave this keepsake together while listening to their favorite tunes.

Megan O. Andersen

Craft Pretty Japanese Folding Fans

This Japanese folding fan craft is a good advanced project for older children who want to handle most of the steps on their own. You don’t need to have special paper to make it, either — wrapping paper will work just fine.

Jonathan Fong

Stock Up on Homemade Birthday Cards

Break out the paper, photos and scrapbooking supplies for a day of making homemade birthday cards. You can also make thank you notes and holiday cards to store away for the right occasion.

Leslie Carola

Host a Talent Show With Play Microphones

To keep the rainy day blues away, organize a performance for the younger kids and have them sing their favorite songs. Don’t worry about not having real instruments — this play microphone will do the trick.

Angie Diersman

Use Bubbles to Create Works of Art

Bored with plain paint? Mix some washable tempera paint with dish soap to create a new way to make art. Plus, your kids will love getting to blow bubbles with straws.

Stephanie Morgan

Get Creative With Bubble Wrap

If you have some bubble wrap lying around the house, use it to make stamps for paint projects. Mix it up with different-sized bubbles for a layered finish.

Stephanie Morgan

Freshen Up Your Fridge Decor

Once the kids are all done with their works of art, they’ll need somewhere to hang them. Make these decorative magnets at the same time, and your fridge will be an instant art gallery.

Carrie Waller

Give Your Sheets a Far-Out Makeover With Tie Dye

Tie dye isn’t just for summer camp: you can make over some old sheets with a tie-dye kit and a handful of rubber bands. If you don’t have the space for a bedding project, you can also dye old t-shirts or a tote bag.

Debbie Williams

Add Dimension to Their Imaginations with 3D Glasses

Make a few pairs of these old-school 3D glasses, and your kids will be the coolest ones on the block. Pro tip: search the internet for 3D images and see them come to life.

Jeff Farris

Learn About the Moon Through A DIY Viewer

If your kids love science, this moon viewer will teach them about the lunar phases and make for an entertaining craft. Once you're finished, use it in a dark room to see the viewer in action.

Kenzie Mastroe

Conduct a Rain Cloud Science Experiment

Another engrossing science project for a rainy day is a simulation of what’s happening outside. Round up food coloring, shaving cream and a clear container for this rain cloud science experiment, and your kids can take the weather into their own hands.

Stephanie Morgan