Quick Romantic Ideas for Places to Go for Married Couples

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Married couples can become very comfortable around each other and may forget to put effort into their relationship.To maintain a healthy and loving marriage, it is important for couples to pay attention to each other while also making time for romance.There are many quick romantic ideas for places married couples can go to rekindle and spice up their marriage.

The Beach

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Marriage can be stressful at times. Sometimes the best way to unwind and enjoy each others' company is to get out of the house. Couples can make a quick getaway to the nearest beach and lovingly hold hands while walking barefoot along its soft sand. The beautiful sounds of the beach's crashing waves will provide a soothing effect. Couples can bring a picnic basket filled with their favorite foods and watch the sunset while cuddling on a cozy blanket.They can reminisce about romantic times. It provides couples with an opportunity to communicate and bond with each other.

Horse Stable or Ranch

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Married couples can take a ride to the nearest horse stable or ranch that offers horseback riding. Many horseback riding trails are set along breathtaking scenery that can create a romantic atmosphere. The physical activity of horseback riding also can boost a couple's energy and mood. Married couples can enjoy fresh air and stimulating conversation while riding through private trails. Galloping next to each other on horses can be as romantic as a page straight out of a romance novel.

The Theater or Opera

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The theater or opera are romantic events married couples can enjoy. The dark lighting and comfy seating provide a relaxing atmosphere. Couples can hold hands and cuddle next to each other in their seats. Watching plays or operas with story lines based on love and romance can evoke deep emotion that allows couples to open up to each other about their true romantic feelings. Seeing a good love story at a theater or opera can help revive the love and appreciation in a married couple's relationship.

Jazz or Ballroom Dance Clubs

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Couples can spark up some romantic flames by going out to a small jazz or dance club. Many times couples do not have a reason to get dressed up when they are at home. Dancing gives couples a reason to get dressed up and feel good about themselves, while also impressing their mate. The smooth sounds of instrumental jazz music can be very romantic and seductive. Ballroom dancing also is very enchanting when couples are dancing in one another's arms.