A Quick & Easy Breakfast Without Eggs

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No eggs in the refrigerator doesn't have to mean no breakfast. Whip up these egg-free alternatives for your family. Tasty and nutritious, these meals rely on fresh fruit, whole grains and low-fat dairy for quick and easy breakfasts you can enjoy on a leisurely Saturday morning or on the go during the week.


Oats pack a nutritious punch, with fiber to keep you full longer. Jazz up plain oatmeal with mix-ins such as diced apples, dried cherries or apricots, chopped nuts, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg. Finish with a little brown sugar or maple syrup. Oats don't have to take a lot of time to cook. You can microwave oats in the bowl for two minutes, or cook a large batch of oats overnight in a slow cooker.


Toast gets a bad rap sometimes as a boring breakfast, and it's true that plain bread doesn't provide the nutrition you need to start the day. But the trick to making toast a good breakfast lies in the toppings. Spread toast with peanut butter or melt on some low-fat cheese to add protein and healthy fats to your breakfast meal. Choose whole-grain breads for fiber. Top your peanut-butter toast with a sliced apple, or layer some fresh tomato and basil on the cheese toast for a breakfast pizza. Low-fat cream cheese and a sliced peach with a sprinkle of cinnamon makes another nutritious and delicious toast topper.


Tortillas aren't just for tacos. Roll a soft whole-wheat tortilla around a filling for a good-tasting, portable breakfast you can make in a few minutes. You can even roll these up the night before and be ready to go first thing in the morning. Peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and fruit are good choices, but don't limit yourself to so-called breakfast foods. Roll up some turkey and low-fat cheese, lean roast chicken or beef, or turkey bacon or sausage for your breakfast wrap. Keep your wrap moist and flavorful by spreading some mustard, light mayo or light ranch dressing.


Breakfast smoothies are fast to fix and delicious. They're easy to carry with you on your commute, and they feel a little bit decadent, like having a milkshake for breakfast. Use low-fat milk, nonfat yogurt or juice as the liquid base for your smoothie and add bananas, berries or peaches. You can even whir in greens for super nutrition. Try apple juice, banana and kale, or blueberries, banana and yogurt. Stir in protein powder for more nutrition. Drop in an ice cube or two if you want a thicker smoothie.