Questions to Ask the Groom for a Bridal Shower Game

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Bridal shower games such as “How well do you know the bride/groom” help break the ice, reveal new things about the couple and typically results in laughter. Ask the groom 10 to 20 questions before the bridal shower. During the shower, give the bride a list of the same questions to answer the way she believes her betrothed answered. Guests should guess how many of the bride’s answers will match the groom's, or even play along themselves.


Ask the groom questions about the bride’s childhood to see how well he’s been listening. Who was the bride’s best friend in high school? What were her favorite and least favorite subjects in school? Ask the groom about any particular childhood memories that are prominent in her life. Use subjects such as pets, family, friends, school, and what she wanted to be when she grew up.


List a few questions pertaining to their relationship and the things she enjoys most. Ask him what her favorite color, food, music, movie or restaurant is. Center a few questions around the couple, such as when or where they shared their first date, their first kiss, the day they met or the date he proposed. Include questions such as what’s their favorite thing to do together, her most annoying habit, his most annoying habit, and what their pet names are for each other.


Include questions about the future. Ask how many children he expects or wants them to have. Ask him which chores will be delegated to the bride and which chores will be his.

Other Considerations

Avoid touchy topics such as first boyfriends or girlfriends, or sexual topics as those may offend the bride, groom or their families. If it’s an adult-themed, girl’s-night-out party, that subject matter may be appropriate.

Try variations of the game, such as “how well the bride knows the groom.” For a coed party, ask them to fill out a similar questionnaire about each other. Use questions such as “what’s your favorite color,” then see who knows their partner better. Guests can play along to see who knows the couple best. This type of game can introduce unexpected humor as well as creating an atmosphere where the guests get to know the bride and groom better.