How to Put More Joy into Family Life

by Nannette Richford
Celebrating special occasions and events adds joy to family life.

Celebrating special occasions and events adds joy to family life.

Everyone wants a life filled with joy, yet many miss the mark and blame it on everything from bad luck to a faulty alignment of the stars when they were born. Joy comes from within and is not dependent on the circumstances around you. Some experience great joy despite their circumstances, while others seem to have it all and still lack joy in their lives. The good news is that you can invite joy into your life and rejuvenate your family with nothing more than a change in focus.

View your spouse and children as the marvelous people they are and let go of fear and frustrations from the past. When you look for the good in others, you are often rewarded with uplifting discoveries that lead to a joyous life.

Celebrate accomplishments with gusto. Every family and every family member has accomplishments to celebrate. Look carefully and seize the moment to celebrate with style. Take the time to cook that special meal, got out for ice cream or make posters to celebrate accomplishments regularly.

Be spontaneous and do the unexpected to bring joy to the lives of your children and other family members. An unplanned excursion to their favorite location, a quick love note tucked into the dinner pail or gifts you know they will enjoy brings joy into your home.

Laugh at the absurdity of life together. Take the time to see the humor is everyday mishaps, share jokes or watch a silly comedy together. Laughter brings people together and adds light and joy to the home.

Express your love and gratitude to your family members. Even though they know you love them, hearing it from you can make a big difference in their day. When family members feel loved and appreciated, they feel joy.

Let go of the past. Often people and families become bound to the past and unable to move forward with joy. Letting go and forgiving transgressions from the past frees you to experience joy in your life.

Set aside time to share the best moments of your day. Challenge all family members to share positive events. It may be difficult at first, but, with practice, you will soon learn to identify those positive moments that bring joy to your day.

Declare a day off for the entire family. Call in sick and spend time with your kids doing something you all enjoy, such as staying in PJs and watching movies all day or going for a long hike. If missing work isn’t an option, choose a weekend for your family’s day off.

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