Purse Lining Instructions

If you have a purse that you want to add a lining to or if you have a purse that needs a new liner, you can do this yourself easily. You can choose the lining fabric that you want to use, making your purse even more unique. You can do a shiny lining, or something more durable.

Size and buy the lining that you want to put in your purse. Make sure you purchase enough lining fabric to line your size of purse. Measure the depth and the width of the purse inside with a ruler (plus half an inch extra at top). Make sure the top middle and bottom are the same width, if not you will need to go with the biggest measurement. Add one inch to the width measurement to give you room for (the stitch) sewing the pieces together.

Cut the lining pieces. To cut the lining you will take your scissors and cut two equal pieces (size will vary on your purse size). Make sure you leave enough space at the top to attach to the purse (about a half an inch more). Mark the half-inch with a pencil at the top of the fabric.

Sew them together. To sew them together it may be easier to use a sewing machine because the last part will need hand stitched. Sew the sides of the lining fabric together.

Iron the top of the fabric so it will stay down on it’s own at the 1/2-inch mark.

Fit and place the lining inside the purse. You want to see the pattern of the lining fabric so make sure you place it in the purse where you can see it.

Pin the fabric in place at the top of each seam. This will keep the fabric in place for you to sew it on.

Stitch the lining to the purse. With the fabric still in the purse, hand-sew the top of the lining to the top of the purse. Keep your needle from going all the way through the fabric so the thread does not show on the outside of the purse. To do this only put the needle part of the way through the purse when sewing.