Pure Romance Invitation Ideas

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Hosting a Pure Romance party gives you a chance to gather your girlfriends together to have a few drinks, sample some products and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll want to set the tone with your invitations, so guests are excited about attending and prepared for a good time. Decide whether your party will be fiery hot, simple and sweet or a little bit in between to spark your guests’ interest in sharing time with you.


For a naughtier-themed party, entice guests with feathers and boas inserted in your invitations. Include play-on wording in the invitation such as “Come join our party, you’ll feel amazing.” If you’ve chosen to send e-invitations online, pull out one of the directions on the Pure Romance teaser cards to use as the headline for your e-invite. For an added bit of interest, include a product sample in your physical invitation.


If you’re inviting guests you don't know well, stay on the safe side by playing it straight in your invitations. Attach a plastic massage roller to the invitation with a ribbon to give them the details of your party. Provide information on the types of relaxation products such as massage oil and beauty items. Use wording like, “get pampered for the night,” or “it’s time to do something nice for yourself.” Let guests know they will spend time focused on themselves.


For a romantic party, invite couples with a padded envelope that includes a sample item appropriate both for him and her. This will let guests know that pleasing each other is the name of the game for this soiree. For a secret invitation, include a double-sided invitation with each side appropriate for him and for her. Include hints such as “she’ll show you her appreciation by the end of the night,” for him, or “He’ll wonder what your secret is to satisfying him,” for her.

The Secret Invite

If you want to build anticipation by keeping your guests in the dark, design a black invitation with white lettering. Simply provide the date, time and location on the card, plus a note that says the event will be a treat. Inform your guests that you will be hosting the party so they have some idea what to expect, but keep them intrigued up to the minute the party starts by withholding specific information.