How to Pull Off a Mini Dress & Boots

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It's common sense to wear clothing that emphasizes your assets. So if you've got long legs, a miniskirt is definitely a head-turning piece. Pairing a mini with boots can be a fun look, but the combination can easily go awry with the wrong pieces. The key is to balance the sexiness of the skirt with boots and other accessories that are more modest. After all, your goal is to look stylish and modern -- not tacky.

Choose the Right Skirt

A miniskirt with boots look can quickly move from sexy to trashy with the wrong skirt style. Avoid tight, form-fitting miniskirts, particularly if you’re over 30. Instead, opt for a miniskirt that is slightly A-line, so it skims your hips and thighs instead of hugging them.

Boot Height

The boots that you wear with a miniskirt also play in role in whether an outfit looks stylish or tacky. Consider the height of the boot and its heel carefully. Avoid thigh-high styles that can look too risque paired with a miniskirt. Knee-high boots are a good option, or rock a pair of ankle booties if you want to show off more leg. When it comes to the heels, stay away from stiletto boots. Instead, put on flat or wedge-heel boots for a more modern, stylish look.

Balance the Outfit

When you’re wearing boots and a miniskirt, your legs take center stage. Choose the top for your outfit carefully, so you can be sure that your look is classy and balanced. Instead of revealing tank and tube tops or even a tight T-shirt, opt for a looser, flowier top. Pick a top with a higher neckline, like a crew or boat style, so that your upper half is showing less skin than your bottom half.

Cover Up

Even if you like the look of a miniskirt with boots, your bare legs may leave you feeling exposed. Increase your comfort level by slipping on a pair of tights. For complete coverage, choose an opaque pair in a neutral color, such as black, charcoal or brown. Spice up your outfit with a textured or patterned pair of tights. If you’re going out at night and want a sexier look, sheer tights are an option.