How to View Public Marriage Records

by Contributor

Marriage records are public domain, meaning that a person has the right to look up anyone's marriage records. The actual process of looking up marriage records is actually quite easy. The information below will give you step by step information on how to go about finding someones marriage records.

Getting Started Be sure to have gathered together all of the required information to view marriage records. This includes the bride and grooms first and last name, and may include the date of marriage (Required information varies from different means of searching).

Searching Online Access your web browser and log on to a website that offers marriage record searches. Such websites are simple to use and let you view millions of different marriage records instantly. For your convenience I have included a few marriage record search websites in my resources section below. Note: Alternatively try Googling the first and last name of the bride and groom. You will be surprised and the information you can uncover through a simple Google search.

Viewing Marriage Records In Person Head down to your local Recorders Office and fill out the forms required to view a marriage record/certificate. The information required is relatively basic and usually only consists of things such as the married couple's first and last name, your name, etc.

Turn in the proper forms and request the marriage certificate. Most states will charge a small fee for a copy of the marriage certificate, however many states will allow you to quickly view and return the marriage records for free. Inquire with the clerk for their specific regulations.

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