Pub Decor Ideas

a pub in london image by Kristina Ubaviciute from

A successful pub creates friendly, comfortable ambiance and an atmosphere of security within its walls. Make the space more inviting with charming decor that makes the bar a homey hangout for games, conversation and camaraderie. Utilize local flavor in the decor with photos of local celebrities, famous landmarks and items that illustrate local culture. A sports motif featuring a specific sport, such as hockey, or a city’s professional, minor league and school teams, creates a tie to the community.


Fishing, hunting, retro or rock-n-roll — developing a theme makes decorating simpler and can engage patrons who may want to contribute their own knickknacks or memorabilia. A pub in a rural area may find greater appeal in a hunting lodge theme, while city-based bars can establish a more urban feel. Or juxtapose the concrete jungle with a relaxed lodge theme to bring a bit of rural life into the city.


Inject local flavor into the ambiance with images of landmarks, celebrities and quintessential culture. A New Orleans pub, for example, may highlight jazz music and Louis Armstrong or riverboats and Mardi Gras. A pub in Milwaukee can focus on the city’s renowned breweries and rich brewing history by featuring antique logos and microbrewery tools.


Honor your genealogy through decorations featuring your heritage and culture. For pubs that have been handed down across generations, pictures showing the evolution of the pub enrich the history and experience. Include photos of the original owners through to the current generation, particularly with parts of the pub that have changed — stained glass windows, a new mahogany bar or a fresh awning and sign.


Celebrate local teams from the high school to professional levels by featuring memorabilia like jerseys, pom poms, helmets, baseballs, hockey sticks, trophies and team photos. Framed newspaper clippings of notable athletes and playoff victories coupled with photographs of coaches and stadiums round out the decor, as do materials from playoff games such as programs and VIP passes.