Proper Etiquette for Stopping by a Friend's House

by Christina Helm

The proper etiquette for stopping by a friend's house should be followed so that one does not come across as a rude guest. Although spontaneous drop-ins can be acceptable depending on the friendship, it is usually best to ask before dropping by a friend's house. Here are a few tips for proper etiquette for going to visit a friend.

Call Ahead

It's usually a good idea to call ahead before you visit your friend and ask when is a good time to stop by. Doing so not only gives your friend time to prepare for your visit but also ensures that your friend will be home when you show up. This is one of the most important etiquette steps to follow.

Follow the Rules

You should always follow the rules at your friend's house. If no smoking is allowed inside the house, take your cigarettes outside of the house. Do not ask for the rules to be bent for you. The rules are there for a reason. The household does not revolve around you.

Clean Up Your Mess

If you and your family visit a friend's house, always clean up the mess that you made. If you bring your kids to a friend's house, always tidy up after them. Do not leave the house in worse condition than it was when you arrived. Do not wait to be asked to clean up the mess -- just do it.


Show your appreciation by thanking your friend for allowing you to visit. Most of the time, your friend will offer food or drinks as a courtesy to you. It might be proper etiquette for this friend to offer you a refreshment, but it is also proper etiquette for you to thank your host for the gesture.

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