Proper Care of Polo Shirts for Men

Many men wear polo shirts as a formal but light fashion style because these shirts allow them to go to just about any event and not look underdressed. However, they need to be folded or ironed and hung to keep their formal look, and this takes a certain amount of proper care.

Folding Men's Polo Shirts

Lay out the polo shirt so that it is smooth on a surface. Then fold the bottom of the shirt up so that the bottom edge of the fold makes the body of the shirt a perfect square, as opposed to the rectangle that it was before. Now fold each sleeve to the middle of the shirt below the collar on each side, making the short sleeves cross and leaving only the collar revealed. Then fold the already folded bottom of the shirt up again, so that its top edge is just below the collar. This will help keep the shirt from getting wrinkled. The polo shirt can now be stacked neatly in a drawer.


Some polo shirts are so wrinkled when you pull them out of the drawer that they need to be ironed. Or perhaps you want to iron them after a wash and dry cycle to smooth them out. Simply lay the shirt out flat on the ironing board and iron the collar on the front and down the front body of the shirt. By folding one of the short sleeves over the chest of the shirt, that can be ironed as well on each side. Once the front has been ironed, turn the shirt over and iron the back smooth, making sure the edge of the iron follows the creases along the sleeves and on the collar. Some people pop the collars on their polo shirts and iron them that way. This depends on how you want your collar to look when wearing it in the future.

Steaming and Hanging

Most people will agree that hanging your polo shirts on a hangar in the closet is better then folding them and sticking them into a drawer. Gravity will naturally straighten the shirt enough to where it will look nice when you wear it, but this will take some time. A quick way to remove these wrinkles to the shirt is by steaming the shirt on a hanger. You can use a formal steamer, which is something that can be bought and is about twice as expensive as an iron, or you can hang the shirt in your shower and turn the hot water on, letting the steam in the room help to smooth out the polo shirt. This can be done before wearing or after a wash and dry cycle. Be warned, though: steam can also sometimes shrink polo shirts.