Prom Proposal Ideas

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For many seniors, their prom is a highlight at the end of the school year. However, events leading up to the prom can cause anxiety. Not only is a prom expensive, but most seniors prefer attending if they have a date. Deciding how to ask your date to the prom can be challenging. However, the better you know your potential date, the easier it is to ask her to go to the prom.

Dessert Request

Dessert has often been a favorite time to ask a question. Place your question in a fortune cookie or a piece of cake. This is particularly nice if you have been dating someone consistently and are fairly certain they expect to be asked. Asking them in a unique and unexpected manner will make looking forward to the prom even more exciting.

Electronic Hunt

Send your date on an electronic treasure hunt. Have her find clip art of a dress, shoes and flowers. A male date can find a tuxedo and shoes. Tell your intended date to send the treasures to your email. When you receive the email, respond by saying “Now that you have everything you need, would you be my date for the prom?”


Sending an e-card is less intimidating than asking a date to the prom in person. You can design a card and even add romantic music. If you have been dating the girl and want to splurge a little, you can include a gift card for a stuffed bear or flowers. You can also send a printed card.

One Word

Ask one word at a time. If your girlfriend lives nearby, stop by her driveway and write one word of “Will you go to the prom with me?” each day. You can try the one-word method using notes, emails or inserting a single word in a balloon and delivering it each day. The one word method builds anticipation. Leave a single flower with the final word and a piece of chalk or paper and pencil so your hoped-for date can reply.


If you are seeing your date regularly and are sure that your date will go to the prom with you, consider announcing your request. Take your date bowling and ask the cashier if you can borrow the microphone to announce that you want to go to the prom with your date. If you like karaoke, use a microphone at a local restaurant that offers karaoke to request her company at the prom. You can even ask your date to go to the prom with a song lyric.