Problems With Leaving Makeup on Overnight

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By day’s end, you may be exhausted and ready to hit the pillow with makeup still on -- however, snoozing in makeup leaves skin susceptible to many dangers. A quick rinse with some cleanser and water to remove makeup before bed will prevent several future skin problems. Discovering the downfalls of hitting the pillow still done up can help you break the habit and keep your skin safe and radiant.

Aging & Wrinkles

Makeup is meant to provide you with a healthy, youthful appearance, but sleeping in makeup can cause skin to age faster. While you sleep, your skin rejuvenates and repairs the damage done by harsh pollutants in the environment. Sleeping in makeup hinders this process, leaving skin just as tired in the morning. Skin is then more susceptible to wrinkles because it hasn’t had the time to repair and prepare defense against UV rays, pollution and grime in the air.

Blemishes & Acne

Since makeup can clog up your pores, leaving it on overnight can lead to blemishes and acne. At night, when your pores are supposed to be regenerating, leftover makeup will leave them full of oils and bacteria. By morning, you may wake up with a developing blemish. While a night or two in makeup can result in a few blemishes, eventually full-on acne can occur and spread.

Irritation & Infection

Infection is a potentially dangerous side effect that can be caused by leaving eye makeup on overnight. Throughout the day, your makeup collects a lot of buildup from pollution in the air. Leaving eye makeup sitting on the sensitive eye area can spread bacteria into your eyes. Conjunctivitis is a common infection caused by wearing eye makeup overnight. If not treated, it can have severe side effects, including temporary or permanent blindness. Since your eyes fight off irritants as you snooze, sleeping in makeup can leave you with itchy, watery eyes in the morning even if a full-blown infection doesn't occur.

Prevention & Treatment

Keep facial cleaning wipes in your nightstand. Wipes can be found at drugstores and require zero water, so next time you are too tired to wash, you can wipe away makeup as you get settled in bed. If you do sleep in makeup, wash your pillow case to remove makeup grime. Treat red eyes with a few slices of cucumber and a rinse with saline solution. Rinse skin with cool water and cleanser as soon as you wake up. While these steps can be helpful in a pinch, washing your face thoroughly with cleanser before bed helps ensure you don't face any of negative effects.