Prize Ideas for Baby Showers

by Aya Pauli ; Updated September 28, 2017

Flowers, soap or hand towels can work as a baby shower prize.

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Baby shower games help break the ice, get guests interacting and keep everyone entertained. Offering a prize to the winner of each game may get everyone into the competitive spirit and increases the excitement factor for the activity.

Bath Products

Help guests return their skin to baby softness with a baby shower prize of exfoliating and/or moisturizing bath products. Exfoliating products include a loofah sponge, pumice stone, facial scrub, body scrub, salt scrub or sugar scrub. Hydrating products include body and face lotion, foot lotion, cuticle lotion, bath salts, bath oil, body wash and fancy soap.


Decorative or scented candles are low-cost. A single scented candle serves as a small prize at a baby shower, and a satchel of several candles serves as a large prize.

Homemade Sweets

Giving a plate of homemade sweets at a baby shower adds a personal touch. Sugar cookies cut into baby, stork or bottle shapes and decorated with pink or blue frosting matches any shower theme. Chocolate cupcakes topped with blue frosting and mini gummy "rubber" ducks are a prize for a nautical- or duck-themed shower. A lollipop bouquet with stork-shaped cherry, bottle-shaped chocolate, and teddy bear-shaped orange lollipops creates a sweet and colorful prize.


Potted plants and flowers are earth-friendly prizes for a baby shower with a "green" theme. An inexpensive pot with soil and any small starter plant, such as a fern, works as a prize. A bow wrapped around the pot, or a decorative ceramic pot, gives the prize a more expensive appearance. A small terra-cotta plant pot filled with a wildflower seed packet and plant-food packet is a prize for guests who prefer do-it-yourself projects.

Filled Bottles

An inexpensive baby bottle as a container turns everyday items into baby-themed prizes. Fill a bottle with small sample packets of gourmet coffee, tea or cocoa, gummy bears and/or gumballs, or checkered hand towels.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for a local shop may seem like an impersonal baby shower prize, but they allow the recipient to choose the exact item desired. Low-cost prizes can include $5 to $10 gift certificates to a bakery, coffee shop or bath store. Expensive prizes can include $20 to $100 gift certificates to a spa, salon, restaurant or boutique.

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