Printable Family Reunion Ideas

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When you're planning a family reunion, you must address countless details. If the reunion will last just one afternoon, the preparations will not be as involved as a family reunion vacation, which takes place over a number of days. In either case, your computer and printer will be valuable tools when preparing your family reunion.


With the computer and Internet, you may feel tempted to confine your correspondence with family members to email and social network sites; you'll save on printing costs and postage. Unfortunately, you will be overlooking family members who don’t use the computer, such as a grandparent or non-tech-savvy cousin. Print off copies of your emails to send to family members who don’t have email, and prepare a newsletter about the family reunion to mail to the entire family. Even those family members with email will appreciate a newsletter outlining the events of the upcoming reunion.

Family Directory

Prepare a family directory prior to the reunion, and print off copies to distribute to each family at the reunion. Include phone numbers, addresses and email information for each family member. Request each family send you a brief bio and photograph, to let everyone know what they’ve been up to in the past year or so. In the family directory, include the family bios, photographs and contact information. It will become one of the most appreciated and useful souvenirs from the reunion.


Family reunions often feature games, and your family may appreciate a custom game of bingo. There are a number of websites that enable you to make custom bingo cards, which you can then print out using your home computer and printer. Instead of numbers on the bingo cards, include family names. When playing the game, the caller will yell out something like “Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally” instead of “B-2”.

Family Tree

You probably have a family member who is into genealogy, and who has entered family data into some family tree software program. If he has that information updated, with all current family members added, talk him into printing off some reports--such as a descendant chart--to reproduce and hand out at the reunion. For example, if the family reunion is for all the descendants of your Grandpa Anderson, have the family member print out Grandpa Anderson’s descendant list, as well as his ancestor chart. Share the family history at the reunion.