Printable Advent Calendar Poster

by Kersey Campbell ; Updated November 30, 2015

Is there anything better than counting down the days to Christmas with your kids? Sure, some advent calendars have fun winter activities for you to do each day, and those are a blast! But sometimes you just need some simplicity for the holidays. And for fun and simple, this advent calendar is for you!

Your kids will love using this printable poster to mark off the days until Christmas! All you need to make your own is the download, something to hang it with and some crayons. It's really that easy! There really is nothing quite like a great advent calendar to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Just look at the joy on that kid's face! That's the look of Christmas. Now let's get you your own poster advent calendar, shall we?

First, take this download to your local printshop that prints engineer prints. I usually go with Staples because it's super cheap and they make it easy to print big poster sizes. Perfect, right? We printed ours in a 24" x 36" size. Nice and big!

Now that your poster is made, put it up on the wall! I usually use sticky tack to make sure it stays well and doesn't damage my wall.

On the first of December, let your kiddo color in the "1" ornament, then let them color in one ornament every day until Christmas. It's a really easy and fun way to countdown to the big day!

Enjoy the final countdown!

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