Prepare Dough For Homemade Pizza


0:01 Hi my name is Greg Goldberg on behalf of Expert Village you can reach us at

0:07 In this segment we are going to talk about stretching the dough for the pizza. First

0:12 thing you need to do is flour your dough. By doing this you don't need to flour your

0:18 surface. You then place the rough side down and begin pressing with the tips of your fingers.

0:26 You doing this to make the dough circular number one and just flatting it down a little

0:31 bit. Once you get to about there you flip it over so the smooth side down and you just

0:37 make gentle stretching motions. Again trying to keep it as circular as possible. When you

0:55 get to about this sizes you can begin to hand toss the dough. You do this by lifting it

1:00 gently and placing on your knuckles. The motion to stretch dough is very simple you move your

1:06 knuckles apart and you rotate and you move your knuckles apart and you rotate. You keep

1:15 doing this until you reach the desire size for the dough. This is the old traditional

1:27 New York style stretching dough. A couple of things to remember if you do happen to

1:35 tare the dough you can always replace it and fix it. There is a specific way to do it.

1:43 Say I have a tare in this pizza like that normally that would destroy the pizza all

1:49 you have to do is grab the dough fold over, and press firmly into place. It is very important

1:58 that this crack seals all the way. Otherwise sauce would leak through and the pizza would

2:04 be destroyed. Continuing on you see how for the most part pretty strong. Once we reach

2:19 the desire size we can place it on the pizza peal that we are going to flour and rub it

2:26 into the grain. It is very important so the pizza wouldn't stick. Finally you place the

2:32 pizza on the peal and arrange in a circular fashion.