Potluck Luncheon Ideas for Work

by Thea Theresa English

Consider meal ideas that all employees can enjoy when planning your company luncheon.

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When planning a potluck luncheon for your employees, it is a good idea to meet with them to discuss possible themes for the luncheon. Ask each employee to write down a theme he is interested in and then present the idea to the rest of the staff. Everyone votes on the best idea and the winner gets to help you plan the luncheon. Consider any special medical or dietary restrictions of the employees when deciding on meals for the luncheon.

Breakfast for Lunch

One good potluck idea is to serve breakfast foods for lunch. Each employee prepares a favorite breakfast dish to bring to the luncheon and you provide drinks such as iced coffee, orange-strawberry smoothies and flavored water. Some good breakfast dishes for employees to bring are cream cheese scrambled eggs with jalapeno peppers, roasted garlic grits, grilled Italian sausage links, maple-glazed sausage patties and homemade granola, raisin and orange bars.

Farmers' Market Theme

Hold a potluck luncheon centered around the farmer's market theme. To make the potluck interesting, give each employee a list of 10 ingredients to purchase from the local farmer's market. They must create a dish using only the ingredients they bought from the market. During the luncheon, have a contest in which you will taste and judge each employee's dish. The top three winners receive a prize.

Vegetarian Theme

To add a vegetarian twist to the luncheon, ask each employee to bring a meatless meal to share. Some good meatless meals include vegetable barley soup, macaroni and vegetable salad, grilled cheese and roasted red pepper sandwiches and green bean and tomato salad.

Fish and Chicken Theme

Another good idea is to host a potluck luncheon in which each employee brings either her favorite chicken or fish recipe to the event. Good meal ideas include fried chicken drummettes with a maple-chipotle dipping sauce, grilled herbed shrimp with wild rice, chicken and ziti bake and tuna sandwiches.

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