How to Please a Man

A man takes pleasure in any number of things and, contrary to popular belief, they don't all revolve around the bedroom. Please your man and he'll soon wonder how he got along without you in his life. Most relationships go through ups and downs, but make sure your ups are more frequent than your downs by doing the little things it takes to please a man.

Meet your man at the door wearing a costume, perhaps a nurse, maid or anything revealing. Play a little fantasy game before heading to the bedroom to fulfill his fantasies.

Feed your man's regular hunger, not just his sexual appetite. A good meal goes a long way towards keeping a man satisfied since it's hard to get upset when your tummy is full of good cooking.

Tell your man how great he is. You don't need to make up stuff he knows isn't true, but look for his strengths and let him know how much you value them. For example, maybe your man can fix just about anything. Reward him for a job well done with kudos for his talent.

Watch sports with your man if that's what he likes to do for entertainment. Or learn to bowl if he's a bowler. The point is to get over your initial dislike and do some of the things your man likes to do. You get to spend more time together, and he'll start to see you as a friend, as well as a lover.

Keep yourself looking as nice as possible. Get your hair and nails done, wear nice-looking clothes and stay in shape. Men are pleased when they have a well put-together lady on their arm when out in public, so save the sweatpants for the gym.

Please your man best by treating him the way you want him to treat you. Men really aren't that much different from women...except for a little testosterone and a few physical differences.

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