Places to Rent for Baby Showers

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You need to determine the number of guests and your budget when selecting a location for a baby shower. For a smaller shower, you can reserve a private room at a restaurant. When planning for a larger group, you can rent a banquet hall at a church, rent space at a local hotel, or even reserve an area at a public park.


Call restaurants and find out if they have separate party rooms. Sometimes restaurants will waive a rental fee if guests agree to spend a specific amount on food. Reserving space at a restaurant will save the shower host time because she will not have to prepare the food. Instead, she can just place an order at the restaurant and add decorations when she arrives. Some restaurants can accommodate larger party sizes, but the fees may increase if you need a larger space at the restaurant.

Church Halls

Even if you do not belong to a specific church, you can still make a reservation to use a church hall. However, the rental fee often is higher for non-church members. Church halls usually have attached kitchens, so you can prepare the foods for the shower on-site. You also can decorate more extensively in a church hall (as opposed to a restaurant), and arrange the chairs in the hall so that the guests can easily talk with one another.

Hotel Banquet Rooms

Large chain hotels generally have banquet rooms which can be rented for special events. For a set fee, chairs and tables can be arranged in the rooms and meals will be prepared. If you'd prefer to bring in your own food, check with the hotel to determine which items are allowed in the facility. You can choose a hotel location that will be most convenient for your guests, and, if you are having out-of-town guests attend the shower, they can spend the night at the hotel.

A Shower At The Park

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If you're planning to throw a shower during one of the milder months, then you can plan for an outdoor event. Rent space at a local park. Rental fees can include gazebo usage or the fees can cover the usage of facility equipment. Some couples are now having "Baby Que" events in place of the more old-fashioned showers. Both men and women are invited to these events, and they grill hot dogs and hamburgers during the party.