Places for Birthday Parties for Boys

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Sometimes hosting a birthday party at home is not practical due to lack of space or other factors. Choose a special venue to host your birthday boy's celebration. Consider the child's age, the number of guests and the child's interests when deciding where to hold the party.

Baseball Party

Take them out to the ballgame! Whether you are decide to host your party at a Little League game or rent a suite at a Major League Baseball stadium, the little slugger is sure to be pleased. Consider a picnic at the park during a little league game for an inexpensive baseball theme. If you have a larger budget for the event, rent a luxury skybox at a game featuring your local MLB team. Catering is often included and the accommodations are generally posh. Use baseball-themed dinnerware for serving cake.


Little cowboys will adore a party at a ranch. Many working ranches rent their facilities for special events. A hayride or tour of the ranch makes for an exciting birthday activity. Feed the party guests in a field on portable tables. Bails of hay make for theme-appropriate guest seating. Cowboy- or ranch-themed dinnerware and cake will complete the look.


Treat your birthday boy and his friends to a limousine ride. A "Hollywood" or "Rock Star" theme would be appropriate for a limousine birthday. Select a few key locations for the guests to travel to in the limousine and activities for them to do at each stop. For example, the limousine could drop guests off at fast-food place for a hamburger, take photos at local landmark and have a final destination of an ice cream parlor for ice cream and cake.


Boys love things that go fast. The speedway is a fun outlet for little boys to embrace their need for speed. Inquire at your local racetrack about birthday packages or on-site room rentals. A race car themed set of dinnerware will look great on a black and white checkered tablecloth. A race car cake and die-cast car favors round out the speedway-themed party.